We all know that every park (and family) operate with a few rules and boundaries. Ours is no different.
Take a moment to familiarise yourself with our park rules.

No open fires when the fire restriction notice is posted on the notice board.
Open fires in provided fireplaces or braziers – not on the grass.

Be courteous to other park visitors

  • Keep music & other noise levels acceptable so that they do not disturb others.
  • Don’t spread your gear/ropes etc or park onto other sites.
  • Generators, check with site manager for operating hours.

Drive at walking speed when in the park. Be aware children and animals may be on the internal roadways.

Water is precious. Turn off all taps tightly and be reasonable with shower running time.

Cleanup after yourselves in camp kitchen or laundry.

Chemical toilets are not to be emptied in the ablution block, please ask for directions to the sump point.


  • replace lids firmly on the rubbish bins, especially the one in the camp kitchen.
  • don’t leave food scraps on sites there is a foodscraps bin in the laundry.
  • Recycle where possible. Use separate bins for recycling.

If you go into any paddocks – leave gates as you found them, either closed or open.

Don’t feed anything except fruit or veg to the horses, cows and sheep. Don’t feed the farm dogs onions or fat from the BBQ.

Please respect the signposted Private – No Entry area’s ( Farm Sheds and Farm Equipment storage area